Fashion shows

312 Entertainment
Who doesn't love a good fashion show? Models, clothes, wine, champagne, and of course the DJ. Without runway music the art of the fashion show is lost. DJ Akib is a Fashion Show expert. With the help of a great team, Akib & 312 Entertainment do 30-40 Fashion Shows per year. Some of our biggest clients are Neiman Marcus, United Health Care, Nordstroms, Southwest Airlines, Mark Roscoe, Peach Carr, and many more. 
With over a decade in experience producing Fashion Shows, 312 Entertainment sets the bar in providing trendy tunes at the cocktail parties, the actual show, and the after parties. 
We can also provide much more then just the DJ. We also provide runways, staging, up-lighting, runway lighting, sound, microphones, video screens, visual editing, and of course music direction and management. 

Chicago, IL & Bartlett, IL